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How To Check Balance? ANZ Travel Card Benefits

Anz Travel Card

You might want to check your ANZ travel card balance online or on the go, or you may be wondering how to find your BSB on the ANZ app.

These are just a few of the many questions people ask about their ANZ cards. In this article, I am going to clear up these questions and provide some tips for checking your account balance, activating a new card online, or finding your BSB so that you can use it in an easy and secure way!

What is the ANZ Travel Card?

ANZ Travel Card

ANZ Travel Card is an Australia and New Zealand-wide travel card that allows users to load funds onto their card, as well as make purchases at over 20 000 contactless merchant locations. It has a rechargeable account so there are no hidden fees or charges.

How to Check-In an ANZ Travel Card Balance?

To check your ANZ travel card balance, you need to log in to your online banking account. If you don’t know how to do this, the first step is to visit the ANZ website and find “Online Banking” under “How To“.

Next, enter your account number into the search bar in order to locate it.

How do I find my BSB on the new Anz app?

To check your balance on the new Anz app, open the app and select “Travelcard Balance.” You can also find this option by clicking on “Balance” in the main menu.

ANZ Travel Card Activation by Phone

To check your ANZ travel card balance, dial the 0800 number if you have a mobile phone or call our Contact Centre.

You can also ask your bank for a balance inquiry to be sent to you by email or text.

Alternatively, you can visit and hover over “Check Balance” on the top right-hand side of the screen.

Activate ANZ Travel Card online @

Anz Travel Card

To activate your ANZ Travel Card online, go to and click on your card. On the “Useful Links” page, select “Activate Online“. ยท If you’re asked for a PIN number, enter the four-digit pin that was sent to your registered email address.

What are some FAQs about the ANZ Travelcard?

If you’re wondering how to check the balance on your ANZ Travelcard, here are some frequently asked questions about the card.

ANZ Travel Card Maintenance Fees

ANZ has charged a $7.50 maintenance fee since the introduction of its Travelcard in 2014.

The fee will be charged for all ATM transactions, as well as for contactless payments that use the ANZ app with a passcode, and also for any transactions made from a foreign bank or otherwise outside of Australia.

How do I check my ANZ Super balance?

You can check your ANZ Travelcard balance online. You should also receive a paper statement in the mail.

The balance is also listed on your Travelcard as a black bar.

If you cannot find the balance, make a call to the ANZ contact center and speak with an advisor.

How do I check my ANZ credit card statement online?

To check your credit card statement online, simply login to and locate the balance of your ANZ travel card.

You can also do this by going into one of the ANZ stores and asking for a statement or handing in your card in person.

How does the ANZ Travel Card work?

When you sign up for an ANZ Travel Card, you are given a travel card. You use it to purchase your train or bus tickets or to top up the balance on your ANZ Travel Credit card.

There is a limit of 7 days before your recharge expires. Once the time’s up, the balance will automatically reset back to zero and you will have to start from scratch once more with your new recharge.

Can I use my ANZ card in Australia?

If you’re visiting Australia and want to use your ANZ credit card, make sure you know the fees associated with using your card in Australia.

They may charge a fee if you’ve changed the number on your card since it was last used in Australia.

What is the best overseas travel card?

There are so many travel cards out there that it can seem impossible to find the best one for your needs.

The is a popular choice because it is an internationally accepted card, and it comes with many benefits including no exchange fees, no activation fees, and no annual fees.

Other Activated Credit Card:-


You can check your Travelcard balance on or by calling the 24-hour Anz travelcard customer service number. If you have a paper ticket and need to check the balance, contact a Customer Service Representative at 13 15 52.


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