Is There a Way to Cheat Online Blackjack?

One of the first things that any casino players want to know before they start out gambling is if they can cheat the game. Let’s face it – if there was a good way to cheat games, very few people are going to be in possession of the secret. Would you want to tell anybody the key to winning at casino games (and thus winning a stack of cash) every time you play? We didn’t think so. Even so, we must ask. Is there a way to cheat blackjack online? Join us as we explore and answer the question right here.

What Is Blackjack Cheating?

In a sense, blackjack cheating, as you might imagine, is effectively rigging the game to ensure that you can win. In land-based casinos, it may be possible to do this. This is a lot harder when betting online. In land-based casinos, paying off the dealer or looking for imperfections in the cards could constitute cheating. Both would help you land a win or several.

Can RNG Blackjack Games Be Rigged?

Online blackjack games are a lot more challenging to rig – here’s why: they use random number generators. Random number generators are algorithms designed to ensure fair play and randomness on each “deal”. Because of this constant shuffling, you cannot predict what will happen next. Of course, it is always possible for somebody to hack the games and rig them, but the casinos would easily notice that their code has been tampered with.

Can Casinos Cheat RNG Blackjack Games?

As touched on above, online blackjack is virtually impossible for players to rig. What about casinos, though? Online casinos have been known to pirate games, jimmy the code, and then run rigged versions that players haven’t got a hope in Hell of winning on. That is harsh, but it does happen. This just shows that if you want to, you can rig such games. The good news is that these casinos don’t last very long and are often blacklisted as rogue casinos.

What About Live Dealer Blackjack Games?

Live dealer blackjack games are, like their land-based counterparts, subject to human error; therefore, you can exploit them. However, you’re going to need to identify imperfections on cards that you cannot really get a good look at and cannot touch. Because of this, it is exceptionally hard to cheat live dealer blackjack games. Even so, we wouldn’t say that it is impossible, more improbable.

If I Cheat, Will I Get Caught and Be Punished?

Well, yes. If you break the games by hacking them, you’ll be prosecuted and likely face criminal punishment. However, if you identify imperfections in the games and exploit those, you cannot be punished. The casino may still terminate your account, but that’s about as far as things go. The chance of you being able to do this is low, though. After all, you’d need to read up on how to do it, and as mentioned earlier, blackjack players aren’t going to be lining up to share their secrets with you.

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