Best Zoo Management Software 2022- Reviews, Comaprison and FAQs

Best Zoo Management Software

In this article, you’ll find out all about the best zoo software available for managing your zoo’s finances, personnel, and various other aspects of your business. With these helpful tools, you’ll have the perfect management system for your team, for the day-to-day operations at your zoo, and to run a profitable business.

What are the Zoo management software?

There is a lot of management software that offers all kinds of facilities for zoos. However, the best zoo management software is one that has been designed with the budget zoos in mind. It should be able to offer a range of features and sufficient customization options. There are also various other factors to keep in mind when looking for the best management software for your zoo.

Why is a Zoo Software Important for Your Business?

Zoo software is important for virtually any animal-based business. These programs help you keep track of the animals, their care, and your visitors. Software like these also help you better plan your upcoming events by providing you with an estimated number of guests who will attend each exhibit.

Types of apps available in the market

There are many apps available that can help manage a zoo. You can find these on the Google Play Store, the App Store, and iTunes. Among these apps are some for animal care, information management, guest services, marketing, and visitor engagement.

Features to consider when choosing an app for your zoo

When choosing an app for your zoo, it is important to consider the features that you need. For example, do you want a free app or would you rather spend money on a paid app? If you don’t have a lot of money to spend, free apps may be the best option. Depending on what the business needs and what your budget allows, you will want to choose the right app for your organization.

Questions to ask yourself before buying an app

Before going to the zoo, people should ask themselves some important questions. What are the goals? How do you plan to use the app? What kind of data do you need it to collect, and how often does the app need to collect that data? If a person doesn’t know what they want, it is best not to buy an app in its current state.

List of 5 Zoo Management Software

1. OERCA- Animal Management Software


OERCA’s animal care software lets you compile, organize, and track your animals’ medical records, water samples, vaccinations, and much more. Oerca provides interactive information for veterinarians to make faster assessments of their patients and guides companies who need to know the status of their employees or the safety of their products.

The OERCA software was created by veterinarians for veterinarians in 2000. We have since grown into a global company with a strong presence in Europe and we now have clients all over the world.

2. Volgistics Zoo Volunteer Management Software


Volgistics is a volunteer database for zoos and animal organizations. It helps provide valuable volunteer management tools, communication channels, and recordkeeping. Volgistics has been designed to make it easier for individuals & organizations to track their volunteers while supporting the conservation of animals.

It all started in 2005 when I decided to take action with meaningful volunteering by launching “Joining You in the Zoo.” I wanted to provide communities with a great way to make an impact while maintaining quality childcare, food, health care, and whatever else they need along the way! We serve over 4500 organizations worldwide.

3. Blackbaud Altru

Blackbaud Altru cultural organization management solution is an open source, a cloud-based software solution that provides organizations with the ability to easily manage their human resources and culture. Blackbaud Altru has created a powerful yet simple-to-use platform with a focus on delivering the highest quality solutions in the industry while investing in new and emerging technologies. This allows Blackbaud Altru to provide its customers with solutions at a low cost while providing exceptional support.

The company was founded in 2009 by three individuals who had the immense experience of managing people’s lives in various countries around the world. The three founders recognized there was a need for a single platform that could manage all aspects of an organization’s life. They designed Blackbaud Altru as an open source, cloud-based software solution to simplify human resource management for organizations of any size and sector.

4. Tracks Software

tracks software

Tracks Software provides a zoo management software solution designed to enable animal keepers and their staff to manage, organize and retain data in relation to the day-to-day operations of zoo animals, guests, clients, visitors, employees, and volunteers. In order to facilitate the process of organizing these records, we have developed our own proprietary management software that is known for its ease of use by end-users.

5. Zoo Easy

Zoo Easy management software is a complete and fully automated solution for managing your zoo. The software includes all the necessary features such as Animal bookings, reservations, and payments;- Daily arrival, departure, and export data;- Entry and exit control management;- Weekly, monthly, yearly, and retrospective reports; – Customer service management. We are very proud of our solution which has helped to maintain a perfect score in customer experience surveys for over 3 years! And we continuously strive to improve this product with every release.


A zoo is a wonderful place for people to enjoy and observe wildlife. There are many different animals that need care and attention that the zoo provides. The caretakers at the zoo must be very committed to their job of taking care of these animals. They do this by being able to keep track of each animal’s health, diet, and routine changes throughout the day. This is why managing a zoo can be quite a challenging task.

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